Teaching Reading

Ravenor Primary School – Reading Information


Across the school, we teach children a range of reading skills through daily guided reading sessions. In these sessions, teachers use different reading materials to support the children so they can develop their independent reading skills. Guided reading sessions give teachers the opportunity to-

  • explicitly teach children the skills they need to decode a text,
  • ask a range of questions about a text to ensure that the children have a secure understanding of what they are reading,
  • check the children’s understanding of a range of vocabulary,
  • extend the children’s understanding of unfamiliar words,
  • assess how each child is doing in relation to the reading skills that need to be taught in the year group they are in.

Guided reading sessions are taught for-

  • 15-20 min in FS2
  • 20-30 min in KS1
  • 30-45 min in KS2






The ‘Phonics Bug’ is used across Foundation Stage (FS) and Key Stage One (KS1) to teach children to read. It uses the synthetic phonics teaching method, which improves children’s reading and spelling skills.

Please click on the following links to show what ‘Phonics Bug’ is: