Ravenor’s Knowledge Based Curriculum

In September 2019, Ravenor Primary began a journey embedding a new purposeful, ambitious and engaging knowledge based and vocabulary rich curriculum, which meets the needs of all of our pupils. The curriculum provides opportunities for pupils to build on Ravenor’s values of being resilient, resourceful, respectful, reflective and responsible.

Our curriculum has been designed to teach subject specific skills, which are built on over time. Themes are revisited each year to support pupils with retention of knowledge. The knowledge content of our curriculum is carefully and coherently sequenced to ensure our children are provided with a balance of both knowledge and skills.

By the time Ravenor pupils leave our school, we want them to be vocabulary rich and have developed their knowledge and love of learning. We are committed to treating every pupil as an individual enabling them to develop as citizens equipped with the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes that they will need for life in modern day Britain.