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Place2Be is a children’s mental health charity that helps children explore their emotions and feel better about themselves.  They have been working at Ravenor Primary School for 12 years.

Children can go to the Place2Be room in school to express themselves by making art, playing or talking.

Sometimes children can feel particularly sad, confused, scared or angry.

Maybe something difficult happened at home, like losing a family member or parents separating. Or perhaps they’re struggling with something at school, like bullying.

This can make them behave differently, lose confidence in themselves or find it difficult to concentrate in class.

Place2Be is there to help children find ways to cope, so their worries don’t get in the way of their friendships, their learning or how they feel about themselves.


How Place2Be helps pupils

Pupils can find help with friendship issues and other worries by choosing to visit Place2Talk. Children can book an appointment to see a counsellor on their lunch or break time and attend on their own or in a group to talk.

Place2Be also works with children individually and in small groups, offering regular time-tabled support for those who will benefit most, working closely with parents and school staff.

There is a dedicated Place2Be room inside the school where children can go to express and think about their worries, through talking, creative work and play. This helps children to find new ways of coping with difficulties so they don’t get in the way of friendships or learning.

Place2Be always gets agreement from parents or carers before they support a child through one-to-one counselling.


How Place2Be helps the school community

Place2Be provides support and advice for parents and carers, as well as teachers and school staff. They also meet with parents or carers regularly to keep them updated and make sure they are involved from the start.

The School Project Manager for the Place2Be at Ravenor Primary School is Antonia Finlay. Antonia is in school on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. You can contact her on 0208 578 1654 ext.232 or through the school office.














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