Ravenor Primary School

Eco Committee

Our Eco Committee aims to heighten our awareness of why it is important to look after our environment and how we as a school can collectively make positive and lasting changes to it. We have considered how to do this by planning our own environmental and sustainable projects.


Last year we reached out to our local community by actively picking litter off the streets. The feedback from the community was very positive, and this is something we are going to continue this year. We will also be engaging in other innovative projects to recycle, reduce our carbon footprint and create more healthy life choices. These projects generate real life opportunities for our children to develop a personal sense of responsibility, resilience, resourcefulness, respect for others and the capability to reflect positively on their own learning opportunities and achievements which they can take with them into the local and wider community.



These children wrote a letter to explain what skills an Eco Committee member should have, why is it important to look after our local area and environment and how they put this into practise.



The School Eco committee have been working hard to raise the profile and awareness of the importance of choosing an eco-friendly method to travel to school. The Year 4 committee members have been recording the number of children who travel by bike or scooter to school on a twice a week basis. Year 5 and 6 will deliver the Be Bright, Be Seen assembly on Monday the 28th of November to again remind children why choosing to come to school on a bike or scooter is a much more environmental way to come to school than by car. They will also be giving children some important facts and tips so they can do this safely. On the same day, the Year 4-6 Eco committee members will be handing out tokens to all children who cycle or scoot to school on that day for the Mince Pie Pedal event and distributing these at break time.



On Thursday 9th February 2017, the Eco Committee joined members of the local council and community to plant some new trees in Marnham Fields.

Trees for Cities are working with Ealing Council and the local community to create amazing urban edible woodland, where they aim to plant 20,000 trees. The Eco Committee learnt all about the importance of trees to people and nature, and why it is vital to have trees within cities.

All 15 members of The Eco Committee worked really hard, digging holes, pulling roots and planting saplings, even though the weather was chilly. They planted different types of trees, for example; beech, Turkish oak, and lime.


A good job completed, and something given back to the community!