Welcome to Ravenor Primary School.

Year 6 Camping Update 1 (05.07.17 at 13.52pm)

  • The Year 6 campers have all arrived safely.
  • They’ve all set their tents up and have settled into their new accommodation.
  • They’ve all enjoyed their packed lunches in the sun.
  • They’re now heading to the shops to purchase their food for the meals they will be eating over the next few days.
  • Ms Ryan, Mr Martin and Mr Wreford are all enjoying the experience too.

Year 6 Camping Update 2 (05.07.17 at 17.42pm)

  • The campers have been busy spending their budget and have now planned out their meals for the rest of their stay.
  • Two activities have been completed including orienteering and climbing.
  • Plenty of water has been consumed and sun-cream has been applied in abundance as it’s been a hot day! Ms Ryan has managed to avoid being burnt!
  • The campers are gearing up to face the zip wire challenge…. they’re very excited about this.
  • The zip wire activity will be followed by the children experiencing some outdoor cooking, before tucking into their own culinary delights.
  • After dinner, they’re looking forward to a camp fire and games before a restful night (Ms Ryan, Mr Martin and Mr Wreford hope!!!)

Year 6 Camping Update 3 (06.07.17 at 7.27am)

  • Ravenor’s campers all nodded off by 12.15am, so Ms Ryan, Mr Wreford and Mr Martin were all able to get some shut-eye too!
  • The campers were up for an early start and have enjoyed a cooked breakfast before a busy day ahead.
  • Today the campers will be doing lots of team building exercises.
  • They will then set off caving.
  • After caving the children will  be participating in some climbing activities before enjoying some fun activities that involve water.
  • It sounds like the Year 6s have a busy day in store.