Year Two – Visit to the Buddhapadipa Temple

To support their learning about Buddhism, children in Year 2 will be visiting the Buddhapadia Temple on Friday 18th March 2016.

The children will be travelling by coach and leaving the school at 9.15 am. We anticipate to return at approximately 3.15 pm depending on the traffic on the day.

Please ensure that your child looks their best in full school uniform and are dressed suitably for the weather with an outdoor buy quality viagra coat.

The children will be provided with lunch unless you wish to provide one for them. If so, please remember  to send their lunch in a  disposable carrier bag with no cans or fizzy drinks, crisps or chocolates.

Please ensure that you complete the form handed out with the letters (see below)  and return it to your child’s Class teacher by Monday 4th March 2016.

Download (PDF, 465KB)