Year Six – Target Setting Days

Parents of children in Year Six are invited to come to a meeting to discuss the targets for your child and share the outcome of your child’s Maths and English assessments.

The meeting will be for 15 minutes for each child and will be replacing the parent/teacher consultations, giving more time to discuss targets and expectations for this year.

During the day, Ms Dhami, Ms Harrison and Ms Robinson will meet with you and your child to discuss:

  • Maths, Reading and Writing targets
  • Other targets
  • Area where help is needed
  • Attendance

The year Six pupils will be completing Maths and English assessments before the target setting days and therefore the outcomes of these assessments will be shared during the meeting.

As this is an important meeting, we ask that on this occasion, to make arrangements to be here during the day.

Please remember to complete the reply slip on the letter handed out to the children and return it to the class teacher by Wednesday 7th October. Your appointment slip will be returned to you stating the date and time for your meeting by Friday 9th October.

Thank you for your continued support.