Year One to Year Six – Class Visits to Local Libraries in Ealing

Dear Parents/Carers,

As a part of this years focus on reading, the School has arranged for each class from Year One to Year Six to visit one of the local libraries in Ealing. This will be the first of three visits during this academic year as we are planning on taking the children to the library once every term.

Please see the letters sent home (found on our  ‘Letters to Parents’ page) to see which library your child’s class will be visiting and when.

As the children will be representing the school they will be required to look how to order propecia their best in full school uniform.

With the exception of Year Six, who will be using public transport, the children will be walking to the library.

The children will be returning to School in time to have their lunch so no packed lunches are required.

We are looking forward to seeing as many of our children as possible becoming active members of Ealing Library Services and enjoying the new books they will have access to and we would like to thank you in advance for your continued support.