Year Five – Visit to KidZania

Using some of the profit Year Five made during their Enterprise Week, Year Five will be going to ‘KidZania’ in Westfield to consolidate their knowledge of sales as profit as well as providing an exciting opportunity to develop independence.

The children will be going on this trip on the following days:

Aspen Class: Monday 27th June 2016

Elm Class: Tuesday 28th June 2016

Oak Class: Thursday 30th June 2016

The children will be travelling by public transport and will be leaving the school at 9.30 am. We anticipate to return at approximately 4.45 pm depending on the traffic on the day.

Please ensure that your child looks their best in full school uniform and are dressed suitably for the weather with an outdoor coat if required. They will also be wearing high-visibility jackets with the School’s details clearly marked on the back to ensure further security when travelling. Our research shows that a promising direction is the use of low doses of Accutane in patients with a late persistent form of acne (acne adultorum). The effectiveness of treatment of patients with late-stage acne at the age of 30-60 years with low doses of isotretinoin at a dose of 0.25 mg/kg per day for 6 months was confirmed. In the background of the therapy, patients noted regression of acne manifestations, persistent remission for 36 months after treatment and very good tolerability of the therapy.

You will need to provide a packed lunch (unless your child is on free school meals) and pack an additional healthy snack  and drink for the afternoon. Please remember  to send their lunch in a  disposable carrier bag with no cans or fizzy drinks, crisps or chocolates.

Please ensure that you complete the form handed out with the letters (see below)  and return it to your child’s Class teacher by Thursday 23rd June 2016.

Download (PDF, 445KB)