Safety Of Children On the Site

UntitledParents/carers please turn off/ put your mobile telephone away and out of view when you enter the school site.

We welcome the exciting opportunities and improved communication which the development of mobile technologies brings to our lives and to the education of our children.

Alongside the positive benefits mobile technology also offers challenges in ensuring that children on site are protected from inappropriate images and communication.

Many mobile telephones have a myriad of additional features including still and video camera and sound recording facilities.

Many telephones have internet access without the benefit of the firewalls and safeguards necessary to protect young people.

We have clear guidelines and systems in place to ensure that while children are using such technologies as part of their learning.You will be aware that you are asked to sign an ‘e-safety’ agreement when your child joins the school.

We are aware however that a number of parents use mobile technologies when they ‘drop off’ or collect their children and if they visit the administrative offices.

Please ensure that when you enter the school site you turn off/ put your mobile telephone away and out of view.

Thank you for your continued co-operation and support in protecting the privacy and safety of Ravenor families.