Phonics teaching at Ravenor

Phonics sessions are taught daily at Ravenor from the beginning of the Foundation Stage to the end of Year 2. At Ravenor, we follow the Bug Club Scheme of work.  This scheme is grouped into phases and pupils progress from phase 1 to phase 6, with pupils being taught in groups. Children start by talking about and exploring sounds. They then develop an understanding of what graphemes and phonemes are and they use this knowledge to help them with their reading and writing.

Phonics is taught in a very interactive and fun way for the children as interactive resources and games are used. Children are given the opportunity to rehearse sounds verbally and record them in their writing. Phonics sessions are structured to build on previous learning and introduce new phonics skills and subject knowledge. Sessions follow the revisit/review, teach, practise and apply model. Sessions are planned to include opportunities for development of speaking and listening, reading and writing.

If you would like to use Bug club at home with your child click the link below:

username : ravenor

Password: Ravenor1

School ID- LKTL