School Lunch

Ravenor Lunch Menu will be updated shortly.

School lunch is £2.40 per day, per child.

Week 1 and Week 2 Menu

Week 3 Menu

Please read the guide below with instructions on how to top-up your lunch money account:

Lunch Money Guide for Parents 1



As you will be aware, Ravenor Primary School has run a number of initiatives to promote the health of the young people in our school.

Over the past few years, we have achieved the Bronze, Silver and Gold London Healthy Schools Awards. We are the first school in Ealing to achieve all awards and are very pleased that the work we have been doing to promote health has been recognised through the achievement of such prestigious awards.

Over the coming year, we will begin work on achieving our second Silver and Gold Healthy Schools London Awards. Our health focuses will be:

  • Promoting Oral Hygiene: We will be having parent workshops this year based on oral hygiene and we will be having visits from a local dentist. We will also be focusing on oral hygiene during lessons.
  • Promoting Healthy Body Images: We will be introducing specific lessons during Fitness Week to promote a healthy lifestyle and healthy body image.



Our ‘Packed Lunch’ policy and ‘Whole School Foods’ policy remain the same as they did last year. We would like to thank all the parents, pupils, staff and governors who contributed to the development of these policies, which can be found on our ‘Policies’ page or viewed by clicking on the following documents:

Packed Lunch Policy

Whole School Food Policy

Where, when and to whom the policy applies:

To all pupils and parents providing packed lunches to be consumed within school or on school visits, during normal school hours.

Food and drink in packed lunches:

As fridge space is not available in school, please send packed lunches in insulated bags with freezer blocks where possible.

Packed lunches should include:

If you choose for your child to have a packed lunch, here is a checklist of ideas for a healthy eating lunchbox. This checklist is based on the main food groups as recommended in the Department of Education and Skills guidance ‘The Balance of Good Health’.

Starchy Food: Sandwich or roll with whole grain bread, chapatti, pitta pocket, pasta, rice salad

Fruit and Vegetables: Apple, satsuma, cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks, cucumber, box of raisins

Dairy Foods: Individual portion of cheese, pot of yogurt, fromage fraise

Fish/ Lean Meat/ Meat Alternative: Cooked ham, chicken, beef, tuna, egg, hummus

Drink: Water is always available or you can put in a small carton of fruit juice in your child’s packed lunch

The Food Standards Agency gives ideas and suggestions for healthier lunch boxes including a menu planner –

There is further guidance on healthy lunch box menus. Click on the link below:

British Nutrition Foundation