International Week 2017

During the week commencing 22nd May, we held an International Week at Ravenor. Every year group learned about a different country or a different continent. The countries/ continents that were studied included:

Nursery- England                             Bluebell- Spain                      Dandelion- Italy                          Poppy- France          


Year 1- India                                       Holly- Madagascar                 Pine- Ghana                        Poplar- South Africa   


Year 3- Russia                                     Year 4- Wales                        Year 5- North America


Year 6- South America

Throughout the week, the children developed their geography skills and learned lots of exciting things about the country/ continent they were focusing on. The week culminated in a presentation by each class, to parents. Please enjoy looking at some of the photos below that were taken on Friday 26th May, when our parents visited the classrooms. Read some of the positive feedback that was given, by the parents who attended this exciting  event.


“We really enjoyed the presentation, it was executed very well.”

“Amazing job from the children and teachers.”

“I really enjoyed the English tea and performance. It was perfect.”

“The presentation was excellent. The students and teachers did an amazing job.”

“We really enjoyed the presentation. My child enjoyed showing us what buy cheap levitra they had practiced at home.”


“I had a good time with my child, his friends and teachers. I really enjoyed the presentation and had some delicious food.”

“Very well organised and set up. All of the children had a part to play which was great. I look forward to the next one!”

“I enjoyed the national song, the children sang really well.”


“This was absolutely brilliant! The children are a credit to the school and the teachers have clearly done an amazing job.”

“Walking into my child’s classroom was wonderful. It was so calm and quiet yet the children were working and showing the parents what they had learned and I enjoyed getting involved.”


“It was a very nice experience to have with the children. The set up was very organised.”


“An excellent presentation from all of the children. They were well informed and presented their information in an educated manner. Well done to all of the children and the teachers. I left the school having learned something new at each table. It was a pleasure to attend the presentation.”

“I was very impressed with the activities that showed some great group work.”

“It was really nice to see all of the children singing, they learnt a lot. Thank you to the teachers for all of their hard work.”

“I enjoyed the International Day. The children were very knowledgeable and were able to answer all of my questions. I’ve learnt some new things today.”

“Great presentation – we loved it!”

“Very well presented. The children were very confident and the singing was beautiful. Well done!”

“I was very pleased with the event. There was a good effort from both the children and the teachers.”

“Excellent presentation. The children learnt so much and were very confident.”

“I had an excellent time during International Day. It was great to see how all of the children got involved.”