Supporting Parents: Topic Launches

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What is a topic launch?

Once a term, each year group hosts a topic launch where parents are invited to participate in a range of activities relating to a topic that is being studied in that year group. Topic books are out on the tables for the children to use to support them with the learning activities they are doing.

This is an ideal opportunity for parents to see how non-fiction texts are used to support children in different areas of the curriculum.


What topic launches have been held so far?


Year 2- History topic -The Great Fire of London (November 2016)



Feedback from Parents:

 ‘I was glad I could come, enjoyed doing the activity with my daughter and the other children. Lovely new books about The Great Fire of London. Great work- thank you teachers.’

‘I would recommend more parents to come and engage with our children’s learning topic.’


Year 3 – History topic- The Egyptians (November 2016)



Feedback from Parents:

 ‘I enjoyed seeing the children learning about Egypt and having a good variety of books to research.’

‘Was a lovely session. The books were great. I enjoyed it very much.’

‘Books were really interesting and good quality and had lots of information.’


Year 4- Science topic – Sound (January 2017)



Feedback from Parents:

‘Brilliant interaction with the children. Great resources. Books are great too with good information about topics. I recommend more topic launch sessions.’

‘Fantastic time learning with the children- seeing how they understand and absorb the information. Great to see the resources the children have to use and experiment with. The new books are very glossy and informative.’

‘I thought the class was excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a pleasure to be involved.’

Year 5- Geography topic-Scotland (January 2017)



We became detectives sifting through the evidence to find out whether the Loch Ness Monster was true or false.

We located the key cities by investigating the geography of Scotland.

In Year 5 we enjoyed weaving which linked to our kilt patterns.

Feedback from Parents:

‘I’m glad to attend this class. The students use excellent books to learn knowledge. They really enjoy these books.’

‘Very impressed with the topic session today and the great activities the class did. The fact books were great and it was nice seeing the children use them.’

‘The books for the topic were very informative’


Year 6- Geography topic- England (January 2017)




Feedback from Parents:

‘This was a great experience to see how the children learn and interact with different activities. Well done to the teachers. Looking forward to the next workshop.’

‘I really enjoyed it- it was a wonderful experience for me. I learned new things.’


During the topic launches the children and parents had opportunities to:

Create fact files about British wildlife

Make a giant map of England

Write their own names in hieroglyphics

Make musical instruments, following a set of instructions

Research facts about historical events

Design family shields

Research articles about the existence of the ‘Loch Ness Monster’

Year 5 Topic Launch- The Roman Empire (16th May 2017)

Year 5’s Roman Empire topic launch gave the children an opportunity to participate in the following activities:

  • Using maps to label the countries that were invaded by the Romans
  • Researching different mosaic patterns and creating new designs using card tiles
  • Matching Roman numerals to number words in a game of snap
  • Playing ‘guess who’ to try and identify famous Romans
  • Completing application forms to apply for a job as a Roman soldier

 Take a look at the photos below showing the children and parents engaged in the different learning opportunities:


What did our children have to say about the topic launch:

“I think this topic launch was sensational because when I played the game of ‘guess who’ I learned a lot about different famous Romans.” (Rohman, Aspen class)

“I think this was our best topic launch so far because I learned so many new facts about what the Romans used to eat.” (Abhijay, Oak class)

“I think this topic launch was amazing. I learned that you had to be  over 18 years old to become a Roman soldier and that you were not allowed to be married if you wanted to do this job.” (Murash, Elm class)

“I think this topic launch was both stimulating and intriguing because this gave us an opportunity to enhance our WWO (Working With Others) skills.  ” (Marwah, Aspen Class)

“I think this topic launch was really inspirational and exciting because I learned about the countries that the Romans conquered and I was able to extend my knowledge about this period of history.” (Kaira, Oak class)

“I enjoyed this astonishing topic launch because we had the chance to design our own mosaics.” (Larissa, Elm class)

                                                              Image result for the romans

Year 6 Topic Launch- South America (17th May 2017)

Year 6’s geography topic launch on South America gave the children an opportunity to participate in the following activities:

  • Creating flags for each of the 14 South American countries
  • Locating physical and human features on a map of South America
  • Researching and recording fact files about the different South American countries

What did our children have to say about the Year 6 topic launch:

“The topic launch about South America was really interesting as I learned about countries such as Chile, that I didn’t know about before.”(Jenna, Lime)

“It was a great experience learning about the capital cities of different South American countries. I now know that the capital city of Venezuela is Caracas.”(Khalid, Lime)

“I really enjoyed the topic launch because I learned new facts such. Did you know that the Amazon River is the longest river in South America?”(Sara, Alder)

“I enjoyed the Year 6 topic launch because I learned about an array of countries in South America including Uruguay. I learned that the most famous person in Uruguay is Luis  Suarez and he is a famous striker who plays for Barcelona.”(Nyah, Alder)

“I really enjoyed learning different facts about different countries in South America. I know that the capital city of Bolivia is Sucre and that this country is bordered by 5 other countries.”(Princess Eniola, Willow)

“During the topic launch, I was fascinated to learn that the most common religion in Chile is Christianity.”(Sultan, Willow)

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