Attainment Information

Ravenor Primary School Attainment Information 2016


End of Key Stage One (KS1) Attainment 2016

KEY STAGE 1 Expected Standard Greater Depth Standard
National Ravenor National Ravenor
READING 74% 75% 24% 20%
WRITING 65% 76% 13% 15%
MATHS 73% 76% 18% 18%
COMBINED 60% 64% 9% 11%




National Ravenor
YEAR ONE 81% 85%
YEAR TWO 91% 98%


End of Key Stage Two (KS2) Attainment 2016

The assessment for Year Six pupils changed last year. Nationally, schools were challenged with a more demanding curriculum and more rigorous tests at the end of KS2, in Year Six.

The national average scaled score is 100 for all subjects (a change from the previous levels system).


Expected Standard Higher Standard Average Scaled Score
National Ravenor National Ravenor National Ravenor
GRAMMAR, PUNCTUATION & SPELLING 72% 72% 23% 29% 104 104
READING 66% 66% 19% 5% 103 101
MATHS 70% 78% 17% 38% 103 106
WRITING (Teacher Assessment) 74% 78% 15% 27% n/a n/a
READING, WRITING & MATHS COMBINED 53% 64% 5% 5% n/a n/a

Scaled Score Interpretation               100 = average score               110+ = higher performing/more able


The measure of progress by the Department of Education indicated outstanding progress in Maths and Writing, with Maths being in the top 5% of all schools nationally. Progress for Reading was good.


Next Steps/Key Areas for Improvement:

Increase the % of pupils attaining at and above the standard in reading at the end of KS2. This is linked to staff appraisals and reading is a whole school key priority. We were pleased to see that our children attaining at the standard in reading was broadly in line with the national figure, taking into account a more demanding test. However, we are continuing to focus and target this key area.


(For school performance tables, please visit the ‘Department of Education School Performance Tables‘ website).